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Korean Academic Society of Business Administration which was founded in 1956, representing the Korean academic circles of business administration. It has took the lead in the economic development of Korea. I desire to get the help of the membership and receiving the support of every sector and stratum of society. I will give all my efforts to succeed in the tradition which my predecessors achieved in times past and for the academic circles to advance toward the future.



Of late, due to the uncertainty of the administration environment getting high, and the industry and technology being fused and mixed, the business model of an enterprise is being diversified and the method of management is changing. Because of this, a new competition and a cooperation system are making an appearance. Therefore, how to construct the foundation of cooperation effectively is becoming the kernel of competition and this is becoming an important problem in not only the industrial circles but also in our academic circles of business administration. Reflecting this trend, our academic society would like to try to build up the cooperation system among the branches of learning, regions, and large middle small enterprises with a view of ‘creating a sound ecosystem of an enterprise.’  


On the one hand, under the general economic difficulties we face now, we administrationists will have to worry over what to do. We will rack our brains in order to contribute to our society getting over economic difficulties, to encourage large/middle small enterprises, and to suggest a wise alternative regarding government policies.


For the full conduct of these problems, we need the aggressive participation of all of memberships, particularly rising administrators. It is true that the participation of rising administrators in the academic society has been inactive for various reasons. However, this year I am going to aggressively urge them to be active through various programs of industrial observation.  


More specific major businesses of 2012 are as follows which we are planning to conduct the tasks given to the academic society.


1. Developing middle and long period tasks for the development of the study and education of business administration


For a systematic continuous development of the study and education of Korean business administration, in succession to last year we will develop tasks of middle and long periods to carry forward for 3 to 5 years, centering around study forums in branches. Because of discussions at study forums about the problems at hand of the whole business administration, I am going to ask the related respective academic societies to participate. Study forums and chairpersons in charge, which will be operated this year, are as follows.  


Business administration curriculum study forum: chairperson Joo-hun Kim, Sook-myung University

Unification administration study forum: chairperson Seok-kyun Kwon, Han-kuk University of Foreign Studies

Win-win growth study forum: chairperson Ki-chan Kim, Catholic University of Korea

Clear society study forum: chairperson Jung-wha Han, Hanyang University

Social enterprise administration forum: chairperson Heon-jun Park, Yon-sei University

Korean wave future strategy study forum: Jang-woo Lee, Kyong-pook National University  


2. Carrying forward with the SSCI registration of ‘The business administration study’


We will carry forward with the SSCI registration of 'the business administration study’ a scientific journal which our academic society publishes. For this we will organize the SSCI registration promotion committee separately within the academic society and hold a mass scientific meeting which the academic society of business administration will host. Through this we will produce a research paper of quality and carry forward with translating existing issued quality papers into English. The SSCI registration of ‘the business administration study is expected to consolidate the status of the academic society to represent the Korean academic circles of business administration.


3. A talk with a CEO


In order to strengthen cooperation between the academic circles of business administration and the industrial circles, we will have time to discuss the problem of the administration field with all of memberships inviting the CEOs of a large, middle, or small enterprise leading the Korean industrial circles. Particularly by introducing the contents of discussion to daily newspapers, we will inform ordinary persons of the importance of the role which an administrator carries out.  


4. A summer integration scientific meeting


A summer integration scientific meeting will be held in Kyongju Kyongsangbuk-do from Aug. 20th to the 22nd in 2012 for 3 days, which sees its 14th meeting come round this year being the biggest event in our academic society.

The summer integration scientific meeting is a kind of festival which administrators, managers, and their family can enjoy together. Particularly a chance will be offered to children to experience with their parents in person the live industrial field(POSCO, Hyundai Motors, Hyundai Heavy Industry, etc.) To put it concretely, a talk with CEOs will be prepared for early participants Aug. 20th. Debates on the main subject of the whole academic meeting will be opened on Aug. 21st and the presentation session of a respective academic society will be prepared on Aug. 22nd. A ceremony of awarding prizes for “the First-line Enterprise Award” and "Small-Mighty Enterpriser Award" selected by administrators will be held on Aug. 22nd and Maekyong Superior Paper Award too. Finally, various programs of a dinner party and a celebration public performance, etc. will be prepared for the families present at the academic society Aug. 21st and 22nd.  


5. A winter integration scientific symposium and a regular general meeting


A winter integration scientific symposium and a regular general meeting will be held in Feb. 2013 which touches up the one-year activity of the academic society. At the winter integration scientific symposium, we will have a symposium to publish the results of a conducted study task which proceeded at a respective study forum for a year, and a ceremony of awarding prizes for “an administrator grand prize” and “Sangnang Administrationist Award” selected by administrators. Holding a regular general meeting, I will transfer business to the chairperson of the 2013 academic society Professor Heung-sik Park, too.


6. A spring and autumn academic scientific symposium


In order to prepare for a seat for the specialists of various fields to discuss all sorts of problems which the Korean economy is confronted with, at the time of a change of regime in March, 2012 we will hold a spring academic scientific symposium to debate the direction of the policy of economy and administration for a middle long period which the next government will have to head. We will also hold an autumn academic scientific symposium to debate political suggestions for solving an asymmetrical polarization problem between large and middle or small enterprises Oct. 2012.  


7. A winter scientific meeting for the fusion of business administration


In order to promote the scientific fusion between the branches of business administration,

we plan to hold a winter scientific meeting centering around the presentation of a research paper fused on various branches of business administration Dec. 2012.  


8. The vitalization of an on-line community


We intend to build up within the homepage of the Korean Academic Society of Business Administration an on-line community to debate on various social economic pending questions and intend to revitalize it aggressively. This will prepare for a stage for all memberships to express their various opinions and debate beyond the restriction of time and space. We will inform the general public of the precious opinions of all members by introducing these contents of debate to daily newspapers, etc. as well.  


9. Other points


Preparing for a chance for all memberships to experience the real administration field through observing various production enterprises will enable a more effective cooperation of firms and universities.

We plan to build up the cooperation system between private and government-run research institutes related to business administration.

We intend to develop new business projects continuously by collecting the opinions of all members.  


Since the Korean Academic Society of Business Administration was established, our academic circles of business administration has been developed just as well as an enterprise and economy. Also, all of memberships have had much contribution to the development. Our academic society of business administration intends to contribute to the development of our enterprises and economy by collecting the wisdom of administrators systematically with a long-term vision ‘Inspiring Insight in Business Society.' Because particularly in 2012 this year's representative and president elections are scheduled to be held, the social demand for an alternative idea of economic administrational policy is high. Our academic society of business administration will give its utmost to substantially support every member to act up to this demand aggressively.


March, 2012


The chairperson of the Korean Academic Society of Business Administration


Kwan-hee You

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